Adamantium Dec 13 2018

(piano am,c,fm ish)
if you're sunny all the time
 you're gonna burn my eyes
if you're raining all night long
 we got us a drowning song
and I feel it in my lungs
     they burn
like the witching wind
    she's turned a corner
    I gotta bend around 
this cliche of an arrow
this dime store narrative
a native naked in the corner
    chains of outcast gold
didn't know the cost of throwing
      no way of holding on

If I'm raging all the time
ya gonna duck dive down under cover(s)
but if I change your mind
use a sword next time - gotta heart of Adamantium only one key at a time
on this witching wind
    I've turned your corner
    sold into the night
only starlight filled Adamantium 
lose the part that's too bright
only dawn filled Adamantium
bring me something right
    all the soft mediums
    pastel, seafoam
where the sand welcomes the water  ... 
  ----------------- for a moment
---------------------------before it's gone
back to Adamantium
n everything, everything's too big n too bright
everything, everything we build up is too big n bright tonite

I'll be in the ballroom
in the corner
wrapped in fetal
in the darkness
you'll be the one light