Air is Blind 12/20

As the air sighs
(I) move along the edges
It's the last time I say
As I weep around the house
The dream is soft
It never hides away her feelings (she's lost)

She tells me just once is enough
now she is trying on her dresses
I'm to choose or not (for her big Cali days)

Why did the air breath itself up into a dizzy
and settle back down around my knees
and her soft touch in dreams where I am living
not to wake up:
   press me in a flower, GUT me inside your book, forget me on the premise, I can't fight - if you don't look

On the tender
I try to rearrange
My departure
To stay another day

On the wind now
can't cancel the appointment
liquid stasis
Sweet Heart - Melodies are puppet strings, and the air is blind

It's gonna keep me up, keep me fine, keep me on the other line
It's gonna keep me on the inside, keep me on your line, and I'm feeling you ... air is blind