when the wild bird calls out to the sky
is there anyone around
and you answer I am sitting on this branch, watching you
over candle light and hushed review

a sweeping catalog of choices
the digital pulse rejoices, jumping off my wrist
thunder leaves my head a little low
the wise heart inside every man
has me blowing kisses at the thought of you

my cherished
worry stone
you guide me home
every time you are thrown

there's been some near misses
there's been some been some been some (near) misses
for years I been running (ripening) in the sun
things look dark, but they are angel kisses

You are my tree with many roots
take pleasure I am the air
take pleasure I am air

I touch you everywhere
you won't feel a thing
I touch you every where
you won't feel a thing

You and I are the space in between
all the space in between
all this space