1. Nothing

From the recording Everything

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Nothings Complicated
Not as much as you made it
wish it was a simple statement
but nothing's complicated

Wheels turn down a muddy road
Facing the corner
Like I've been let go

Nothings complicated
Not as much as I made it
wish it was a simpler statement
but nothing's so complicated

Silence is a burden
I cannot face
breathing is all that's natural
not me walking away

Nothings complicated
Nothing is
Nothings complicated
Nothing is

You said you'd climb the mountain side
to the highest heights I'd ask you to go to
and in the night you'd be the darkness
surrounding my heart keeping it bright

Nothings complicated
not as much as we make it
wish is was a simple statement

but nothing is so *** complicated

Why would I ask you to climb
it's so much better with you here by my side