braiding our hair
washing our clothes
driving a car
looking in the mirror
walking a dog
listening to a Mother's voice

brushing our teeth
looking around
sitting up
laying back down
pulling out a string
grabbing the scissors
putting on a ring
pressing a button
laughing out loud
deep breathing

turning on the faucet
sitting on a plane
looking out the window
fluffing up a pillow
drinking water from a glass
tying shoe laces
keeping our mouths shut

forgot a towel
dripping on the floor
hand out the window
of a moving car
turning on the tv
leaving the room
calling a friend
wiping off a tear
putting things in a box
 making the coffee

Looking for a piece of paper
looking for a way out
looking for the way back in
counting on our fingers
opening the curtains
wiping down my mind
shattering illusions